Know your wildfirefuel risk

Fires cannot burn if they do not have fuel.

Our software enables you to identify, measure, and prioritize your fuel mitigation efforts. We give you the most current status of your fuel risk profile because it’s the only way to know how best to protect your community.

A problem this big requires pragmatic and actionable recommendations now so that you can minimize the fire risk starting tomorrow – before the fire starts.

    How To Start Reducing Risk

    Our technology looks at the current situation on the ground and takes the guesswork out of fuel mitigation so you know you are deploying resources against the highest risk areas in your community. We provide ongoing assessment so you know how you’re doing and can share your progress with other stakeholders.

    What Is Fuel Prioritization?

    Fuel Prioritization literally gives you a rank ordered list of specific locations in your community with the highest amount of potential fuel present.

    Fuel Prioritization is the fastest way to quantify and plan fuel removal efforts in your community using science. We enable you to tackle the biggest problems first and continue to decrease fire risk every year.

    Who Needs To Know Their Fuel Risk?

    Fire jurisdictions, private landowners, government agencies and public land stewards are increasingly under pressure to understand and address wildfire fuel risk. We foster rapid and fact-based communication between fire experts, foresters, environmentalists and their communities to start taking action on decreasing risk now.

    All too often fuel mitigation projects are delayed or hamstrung by various interest groups. We provide the quantifiable data coupled with pragmatic and easily understood recommendations in a simple format to drive alignment – and action.