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How it works

Our AI-powered wildfire risk assessment analyzes images of your property and recommends the most accessible and impactful wildfire mitigations.

Using verifiable on the ground image capture technology, Artificial Intelligence identifies vegetation and the built environment on and around structures which increase the risk of wildfire loss.

Our approachable and easy to comprehend Wildfire Risk Reduction Reportâ„¢ provides science-based mitigation recommendations prioritized to achieve the greatest fire safety benefits at the lowest cost.

Know what to do first

Our science-backed Wildfire Risk Reduction Report prioritizes the highest impact, lowest cost mitigations to show you where to start on your journey to wildfire safety.

A residential building burned to the foundation, with smoke still hovering in the background

Homeowners in fire prone regions need to know what they can do to increase their home’s ability to survive a wildfire.

Our technology takes the guesswork out of figuring out which actions homeowners can take today to reduce their home’s risk to wildfires tomorrow.

A small truck with no windows or wheels, burned.

Property managers need the ability to indisputably quantify, report and monitor the wildfire risk profile for all of their properties. Our Wildfire Risk Reduction Report gives Property Managers the ability to have a factual conversation with their owners about the current state of a given property including the prioritized mitigation measures that need to be done. This same report can be used to organize landscaping and maintenance priorities and report progress for multiple crews working in distributed locations.

A forest with orange wildfire smoke looming.

Home Owner Associations now have the power to conduct hundreds of high quality assessments. Communities in fire prone areas are empowered to work with all of their residents to lower the overall wildfire risk profile and help harden their homes.

A wildland firefighter standing near a fireline at night.

Fire Jurisdictions need to increase the quantity and quality of home assessments in any community. Deploy our technology to conduct assessment at scale to educate and inform your residents on mitigations they can undertake to harden their home and reduce combustive vegetation.

Pyrezo Capture

Available for iPhone

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